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    The importance of knowing your kid’s shoe size

    Walsh Brothers Shoes has over 100 years’ of experience in helping our customers find quality footwear for all the family. We understand that trying to figure out your child’s shoe size at home can be hard, especially when little feet grow as quickly as they do. Our video guide above is designed to help you measure kids shoe sizes at home so you can easily buy from our website. To help you get started with how to measure your child’s feet from home, it’s important to remember that accuracy is key, as the right size shoes will greatly affect your child’s comfort when walking and playing. Having shoes that are the correct fit will make a difference with everything from foot circulation through to balance and overall healthy physical development. Being able to measure your child’s shoe size from home will allow you to shop easier and keep track of how your child’s feet are growing.

    Follow these steps to get started with measuring kid’s shoe sizes

    1. To begin, you’ll need some basic equipment – a piece of A4 paper and a ruler. A ruler is particularly important to achieve a flat, accurate measurement in a straight line.
    2. Once you have the ruler and paper, find a spot in your home with a wall that your child will be able to stand with their heels comfortably against the wall. Make sure the floor is flat and you have enough space as well as light to capture the measurements.
    3. Before your child stands against the wall, you’ll place the piece of paper on the floor against the wall with one of the shorter edges perfectly lined up without any floor gaps at that edge.
    4. Now you’re set-up, you’ll start the foot measuring: first one foot, then the other. Have your child stand tall with no slouching and with their heels against the wall. Make sure their heel is in line with the piece of paper and pressed firmly back against the wall. You’ll also need to check they are standing with their weight evenly balanced between their feet, not balancing on one foot more than the other – these steps are part of achieving the most accurate measurement.
    5. Begin by making a mark on the paper in front of your child’s longest toe -- this is usually the 1st ‘big toe’ or their 2nd toe.
    6. Now using the ruler to begin taking your measurements. You’ll measure their foot length from the back of the paper to the mark made at their longest toe. Make sure you’re measuring in a straight line rather than an angle and record this measurement to the nearest millimetre. Don't be generous with your measurement. Our size guide will factor growth room.
    7. Now that you’ve measured one foot, you’ll need to repeat steps 1-4 for their other foot.
    8. To finish, check the foot measurements to be certain which measurement you’ll be using for sizing. Generally speaking, no two feet are the same, and the right fit will be based on using the longest foot measurement. Compare your measurements with our Kids shoe size chart on our site to find the most appropriate size and start shopping.

    If you’re looking for more help with your child’s shoe size or buying kids shoes online, our friendly Customer Care are passionate about shoes and helping you find the perfect fit.

    Treat your feet (and your kids feet!) and get the best in quality, comfort and style.