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Here are 10 of the latest shoe trends rocking spring/summer 2017

Posted on April 28, 2017 by | 0 Comments

The hot new looks in shoe fashion have been featured on the world’s most famous catwalks and there’s an eclectic mix of innovative, ultra-contemporary designs and retro throwbacks which have regained their highly fashionable status. Incorporating a huge range of colours, materials and design themes from leading brands, let’s take a look at the shoes that are in vogue this spring and summer!

Shoe trend #1: Thin stilettos

Stylish thin stilettos from Hogl

If the dominant appearance of platforms isn’t for you, there’s always the sedate alternative of thin stilettos. Their slim, chic structure carries a more delicate and feminine look, while still offering variety such as open-toe or concealed ends and strapping over the foot or only around the ankle.

Shoe trend #2: Kitten heels

Kitten heels

Kitten heels from Gabor

Kitten heels brilliantly combine eye-catching style and soothing comfort. Their added arch doesn’t hurt the foot and their versatility makes them popular with designers.

Shoe trend #3: Metallic shoes

Metallic shoes

These Gabor shoes give off an exquisite shine.

Metallic shoes were among the main highlights from London Fashion Week last September and they have very much remained in fashion right through the turn of the year and into the summer. It’s a look that works excellently in both gold and silver with high-shine boots, glittery sandals and gleaming loafers.

Shoe trend #4: Breathability

Breathable shoes

These shoes from Marco Tozzi incorporate laser-cut design features for breathability.

It has become a regular sight to witness shoes with wide, open spaces or multiple smaller holes or gaps to allow for breathing space. Flamboyant designs by Dsquared2 and Marc Jacobs vividly convey this trend along the middle of the foot and ankle.

Shoe trend #5: Ankle strapping

Shoes with ankle strap

Clarks shoes with sleek ankle strapping

There’s little doubt that the ankle strap shoe is one of the top shoe trends this spring and summer. It’s a feature which is effortlessly stylish and has a surprisingly high scope for customisation – notable variations include the panel play and gingham design from House of Holland and Dries van Noten’s refined black lace – while the more refined ankle strap shoes are sufficiently elegant to make for perfect formal wear.

Shoe trend #6: Open back shoes

Open back shoes

Open back shoes from Gabor

Another way of awarding emphasis to the ankle is with the open back look that’s in vogue, and this too is a trend where designers have a wide canvas for producing their distinct take on the general idea. There’s the broad, supportive strap around the back of the ankle and the thin, laced-up mule, to name but two popular options.

Shoe trend #7: Snakeskin

Snakeskin shoes

Snakeskin shoes from Gabor

The snakeskin trend has exploded in early 2017, with a plethora of fascinating snakeskin shoe creations appearing on the market. Designs vary between a monotone, pure snakeskin look and artistic, patterned appearances so kaleidoscopic that they almost seem like 70’s disco throwbacks.

Shoe trend #8: Sliders

Slider shoes

Casual silver sliders from Gabor

If the 1990s were the era of flip-flops, 2017 is seeing the rise of sliders, which are flat shoes with a laid-back presentation and often come with thematic designs. Incredibly comfortable for walking, they also look dazzling, especially when designers exercise their creativity with the over-foot strapping.

Shoe trend #9: The athleisure look

Athleisure shoes

Athleisure shoes from Ara

The athleisure style has been a common sight on catwalks recently and it’s a trend that works wonders with footwear. Among the more prominent exponents of athleisure shoes in spring 2017 are DKNY’s simplified yet comfortable version and a classic, timeless design from Christian Dior

Shoe trend #10: 3D embroidery

3D embroidery shoes

3D embroidered shoes from Gabor

It isn’t just printing and cinema that’s embracing the wonders of 3D. Shoe designers have also exploited the three-dimensional trend to produce some brilliantly eye-catching footwear. Popular embellishments include beads, gems, sequins and floral prints.



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